Balloon Tips & Tricks

- Foil balloons:

Foil balloons can be inflated with air or helium. Helium-filled balloons should last up to 2 days, while air-filled balloons can last up to a week.

If filling a foil balloon with air, it helps to use a straw. Ensure the valve is correctly sealed to prevent air from escaping. If your foil balloon does loose pressure, it can easily be refilled using a straw.

Take care not to damage the valve when inflating your balloon.

You do not always need to use helium. Air filled balloons can be secured to garlands or a backdrop, or even suspended from the ceiling for more decorative effect.

- Confetti Balloons:

We all love confetti balloons. Follow the steps below to get the optimal look:

Inflate with air or helium, once inflated rub with a cloth to create static, this will cause the confetti to stick more evenly to the inside of the balloon rather than gathering at the bottom.

Do not use glue to make confetti stick, especially with paper confetti as this will cause the confetti to clump together.

- Latex Balloons

Get creative with latex balloons, let them float with helium or air. Create balloon clouds, garlands and so much more. When inflating with helium make sure you ask your local grocer to add “Balloon oomf” liquid to make your balloon float extra-long.

Click here to read more about “balloon oomf” and where to buy it.

- Balloon Garlands

Create a wow effect with your own balloon garland in just a few easy steps. See link below.

- Where should I inflate my balloons with helium?

We suggest inflating your balloons at Checkers stores. This is more cost effective than buying your own helium tank. If you would like to inflate the balloons yourself, helium tanks can be bought online through

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